Today’s peeps are more interested to watch videos on YouTube. There are plenty of video streaming platform online people always prefer the popular streaming site. When it comes to watching old to recent videos also users choose it. However, if you choose to get the multimedia files from this awesome platform you face a lot of troubles. Want to download YouTube videos in a hurdle-free way? Choose Tubemate old version to get all kinds of videos from this platform with no trouble for free. When you install this app on your device then you can effortlessly obtain any groups of videos on your device.

What is Tubemate old version?

Tubemate is an app available to acquire videos from YouTube. You can obtain videos in an unlimited way when you have this application on your device. Once you installed this app then you can simply get any sorts of video content. It will help you to obtain the media file effortlessly. Most importantly you are not required to pay any cost in order to save the media files on your choice.

Plus the prior version is one among the versions available on this application. In this version, various numbers of features are available that makes video transferring process smooth and convenient. Look at this article to know more about this version of Tubemate.

What are the basic features in Tubemate?

If you dispute to procure and install the Tubemate application then here come the answers why you should never miss it.

  1. It offers multiple numbers of contents thus you can pick anything on your choice
  2. You are allowed to get the amusement file
  3. In order to watch your lovely content in your likely way choose the apt resolution and format
  4. You can choose the resolution for the file you choose from the list.
  5. There is no limitation in the Tubemate previous version to get hold of the videos.

Why choose Tubemate old version in specific?

  1. If you choose Tubemate then you will effortlessly gain media contents in a stress-free manner. Alongside you will obtain the below-mentioned aspects,
  2. In this version, you can by far convert the video you choose to attain into MP3 audio since it is provided with inbuilt audio converter
  3. You can save videos in a faster way with the help of Fast Download mode. As it uses the multiple connections that let you transfer videos in a quick manner.
  4. There is an option called Preference section in the Tubemate earlier version that has several keep customizing option. By using this you save temp files, pause the get, making changes in the path where the saved files will usually save.
  5. This version of it is similar to the torrent. Through this, you can without problems accumulate multiple numbers of files in the background.
  6. Obtain will be done in a continuous way even there is an internet connection problem.
  7. In this version, you can choose the folder where the videos want to save either you can make use of the SD card space or else your device to save video contents

How helpful is Tubemate old version?

More than the recent version this application prior version provided with several numbers of facets that you should aware of.

  • In the older version of the app, you can straightforwardly watch any videos on the streaming sites.
  • Also rather than saving and filling the phone memory,you can create a playlist and then view it on your device.
  • If you found your lovely content in YouTube then you all set to copy the URL available in the address bar and then paste it in the Tubemate to reach the file.
  • The former version of Tubemate offers you notifications since the videos available will be auto-detected and thus you can straightforwardly choose the content.
  • Once the app detects and shows you the notification that you can start to save the content instantly.
  • As like the past version is available with the list that is provided with all the videos in the platform that you used to play.
  • In order to play the videos, you can click on it or else want to access it choose the “Download” button to start the accumulating process with the help of the “Queue” tab.
  • From the available queue also you can with no trouble transfer the content you want.

What’s special in Tubemate old version?

None of the media downloader provided with these much features. But this tool’s former version has so many aspects that you will stun once after using it. When you obtain and install this app version then no matter what you can without difficulty get any sorts of contents for free. There are dozens of apps available in the market that helps users to obtain media files on their choice. But the old version,

  • Allow you to with no doubt choose the video content from the
  • You can choose this application on any of your likely devices
  • Once you installed it then you will get all the videos files from the topmost streaming site
  • All you want to do is copying the URL and then pasting it on this application
  • You can choose the directory where to save the media content
  • Most importantly you can effortlessly obtain enable you to clip the video from any of the streaming sites.
  • You can create a playlist instead of gaining all the contents on your device.
  • As a user, you can simply obtain any numbers of contents.

How to install the Tubemate old version?

You can install and use this application on any of your desired devices such as Android and PC. The user all set to choose this tool on any of their likely devices. In order to get the apk file of Tubemate previous versions check out in the 9Apps store. You can without difficulty get hold on the media source file of this app by far from this outstanding app store. Here come the steps to acquire and install the old version for different apparatus choose any on your choice.

For Android device:

  1. In order to save this application on your handset, you must follow the steps given below as such. They are,
  2. First of all choose the apk file of the Tubemate old version available for Android
  3. After that move to the Settings option present in your device
  4. In the Settings option, you will see another option called “Security”
  5. Under this, you ought to choose “Device Management” or “Device Administration”
  6. Now move to the other option termed as “Unknown sources”
  7. You must permit the Unknown source (This specific button will change according to the Android version)
  8. Once after you enabled you will get a notification now go and click “Ok” to continue the installation process
  9. Head to the “Download” folder and then choose the saved apk file of the app
  10. Click on the particular Tubemate source file and that’s all the setup process will get done.

For PC:

Users can also save and install the Tubemate app on PC as well. When you use this tool on a PC or laptop then you can enjoy watching all your lovely media contents in the best way. No matter about the pixel of the file you save it will support properly. As like you don’t have to bother about the storage capacity in general PC has much space than phone thus you all set to download it in the PC. Lastly, you can joy viewing content on the big screen more or less like watching it in the theater.

If you are willing to attain the Tubemate old version on PC then you are sought-after to download and install the Android emulator tool. You can even make use of the Bluestacks emulator to easily install and use the tool on PC. Get the source file of the Tubemate old version from any of the authentic site. With the aim to download and install this software on PC do the steps as such mentioned.

  1. First of all, install Bluestacks and then open it once after it installed
  2. Wait until the emulator window comes in the screen
  3. After that check for the options such as “My Apps”, “My Labs” and “Center”
  4. In that choose the “My Apps” option when you click on this option
  5. Then you will be screened with a window in that look for the downloaded apk file of the Tubemate old version
  6. Now the mounting process will get starts
  7. Once the installation finished then you can use the app to enjoy downloading all the contents on your choice

Final verdict:

Thereby, make use of the Tubemate old version to get all sorts of YouTube videos in your desired quality. You can change quality and format to watch your desirable files in the cost-free way. Even it is latest videos you all set to get hands-on by means of this fantastic app. Regardless of the content type, size and quality of the media file easily download it on your device and spend your boring time with lots of fun.




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